47 Elizabeth St, Elsternwick

Jul 5, 2018

What a transformation!. Our favourite clients of 2018 as well! They knew exactly what they wanted and were incredibly patient during what became a very difficult painting job ….working with very limited access to certain elevations due to the close proximity of power lines.

We managed to work seamlessly with great results!

All colours were custom made except for Dulux Natural White on all the windows and a very vibrant Dulux Sunbound on the front door.

Before & After (Entrance)


1 Long Street, Elsternwick

Jul 5, 2018

This Edwardian was purchased some years ago by this young family & recently underwent a complete renovation starting in 2017, with completion in January of this year. False ceilings were ripped out of the front bedrooms to reveal the original pressed metal ceilings in almost perfect condition. A spacious extension  was added to the rear of the existing dwelling, adding extra rooms and a super spacious open plan living area, extending onto a deck with a movie theatre and BBQ.

Internal Colours:

Ceilings – Dulux Vivid White Ceilings throughout ;

Walls – Dulux Natural White; Dulux Paving Stone; Dulux Feathersoft; Dulux Domino

Woodwork – Dulux Natural White

External Colours:

All Walls – Dulux Champignon

All Trims – Dulux Monument