60 Nicholson St, South Yarra

May 23, 2017

This extension on the back of an existing weatherboard resembling Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House caused a bit of a stir in the neighbourhood. Love it or hate it, it is a transformation here to stay. Back in 2010, this was one of the very first houses we painted. It was great to be asked back some 7 years later to re-paint and give the home a fresh new look!

Weathertex Walls – Colourbond Monument

All Gutters/Fascias/Posts – Colourbond Monument

Existing Weatherboards – Resene Half Napa

Front Picket Fence – Resene Triple Napa

Ironwork – Dulux Vivid White

Front Door – Resene Shiraz Red

Verandah Decking – Jarrah

Lara Street, South Yarra

Oct 24, 2016

This beautifully renovated freestanding Victorian weatherboard was recently completed just a stone’s throw from Prahran Market. We painted the entire exterior and interior in preparation for auction. The clients spared no expense as you can see by the photos courtesy of Kay & Burton.

Exterior Colours:

All Weatherboards – Dulux Linseed

All Trims – Dulux Natural White

Decking – Intergrain Merbau

© All images courtesy of Kay & Burton Real Estate





119 Osborne Street, South Yarra

Jul 21, 2015

We recently completed this magnificent freestanding double storey Victorian during the onset of winter. Contracted to paint many interior rooms including the Entrance, Stairwell, Upstairs Bedrooms, Living and Kitchen area, we also painted the entire exterior retaining the existing colour palette of:

All Walls – Dulux Clotted Cream

All Trims including Ironwork – Dulux Natural White

Recently the house went to auction via Marshall White and was successfully sold at an undisclosed price. The owners were meticulous with the detail required in assuring that we met their expectations. It goes to show that investing in painting prior to selling does pay off!

© All images & video courtesy of Marshall White Real Estate


Here are some before and after photos:

IMG_7017  IMG_8265

119 Osborne St, South Yarra 3

119 Osborne St, South Yarra 1

119 Osborne St, South Yarra 2

Powell St, South Yarra

Jun 13, 2015

Recently sold at Auction, the owners of this property in the heart of South Yarra are longstanding clients of South Yarra Painting. Over a period of several years, the property has had several facelifts to optimise the living conditions of a growing family. We were contracted to paint the entire interior and exterior during this time.

© All images courtesy of Jellis Craig Real Estate

62 Powell Street South Yarra#2 62 Powell Street South Yarra#3 62 Powell Street South Yarra#4

72 Clowes Street, South Yarra

Jan 31, 2015

The clients of this magnificent double storey Victorian near the Botanical Gardens were looking to restore their four verandah decks, windows and balustrade’s on the North and East Elevations before Christmas with plans to entertain over summer. We managed to survive the pre Christmas heatwave and finish the works as scheduled on Christmas Eve. Below are before and after shots of the rear North facing decks finished in Intergrain Merbau.




1/270 Walsh St, South Yarra

Aug 21, 2014

Do you live in a home that has stained woodwork throughout or in selected room and wandered what it would look like painted?. This owners of this 1850’s double storey mansion in one of Melbourne’s most infamous streets, took the giant leap with AMAZING results. All painted in Dulux Berkshire White Super Enamel Semi Gloss

SYP_wordpress_Nov 1411

SYP_wordpress_Nov 1412

SYP_wordpress_Nov 1410

60 Powell St, South Yarra

Apr 5, 2013

The client at this property were very pleased with the work we undertook next door at #62 (see photos below) that they engaged us to re-paint the exterior facade. This property has not been painted in over 25 years!

The walls are painted in Dulux Oyster Linen and selected trims in Dulux Rogue.

60 Powell St, South Yarra_after1

The below photo shows work in the early preparation stage.

60 Powell St, South Yarra_during1

62 Powell St, South Yarra

Apr 4, 2013

The clients of this prominent South Yarra Property have been living there for some time before they decided to undertake some minor interior renovations. In fact the neighbouring property at #60 was once part of the original house before it was subdivided and painted a very outdated tan and dark cream colour.

We were asked to paint the exterior facade as follows: All Walls: Dulux Puce and All Trims: Dulux Vivid White.

62 Powell St, South Yarra_after1

Below is a photograph of the work at preparation stage and showing the original colour scheme.

62 Powell St, South Yarra_during1

220 Domain Rd, South Yarra

Sep 15, 2012

South Yarra Painting were contracted to paint several rooms in this sprawling art deco styled 1930’s villa/mansion in South Yarra.

The clients were very happy with the results and engaged us to repaint the entire exterior , dramatically updating the previous ‘peach’ colour painted in the 1970’s.

In consultation with the Dulux colour consultant at Armadale, the new modern colours chosen were:

All Walls: Dulux Paving Stone 200%

All Trims: Dulux Yarangobilly Caves

The end result was a stark contrast to the outdated look the home previously occupied for so many years.

a_September 2012_220 Domain Rd, South Yarra

September 2012_220 Domain Rd, South Yarra2

September 2012_220 Domain Rd, South Yarra_underway

41 Fawkner St, South Yarra

Mar 31, 2012

Fawkner Street, South Yarra has been a popular street for us. We have now painted 7 homes in this street alone.

A magnificent open plan double storey extension was constructed at the rear of this existing home to create significantly more living space for the owner. The entire home was painted in Dulux Natural White.

All the exterior woodwork and ironwork was painted in Dulux Monument.

41 Fawkner St_exterior

41 Fawkner St_Interior