4/28 Black St, Brighton

Jun 3, 2013

The Bayside suburbs are definitely a market we wish to expand our operations have concentrated on the City of Stonnington for a few years now. We recently completed this smoke stained two bedroom executive apartment near the popular shopping precinct of Church St. The previous owner did not shy away from the odd cigarette and as a result over the years, she left an undeniable mark on all surfaces.

Not to mention the whole apartment had been painted in a deep cream colour. Below is a photo of the works underway with the door in the door painted in the existing colour and the frame in Antique White USA 1/2 strength.

4:28 Black St, Brighton1

Below is a couple of photographs of the completed work. Ceilings were finished in Antique White USA 1/2 strength and walls in Antique White USA.

4:28 Black St, Brighton2

4:28 Black St, Brighton3

4 Talofa Ave, Brighton

Sep 30, 2012

The clients of this three storey modern home with underground car park and lap pool asked for a complete interior repaint, wallpapering and staining of exterior cladding.

The below photo shows the wallpapering of a New York City skyline (Twin Towers intact) on the rear wall of the movie screening room. As it turned out, the day we did the wallpapering, was the actual 11th anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers.

Sept 2010_4 Talofa Ave. Brighton